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Bacteriophage salmonellosis instructions for use

Bacteriophage salmonella

Salmonella bacteriophage solution is an immunobiological preparation that contains live bacteriophages. They are capable of leading to the death of bacterial pathogens of the genus Salmonella (Salmonella), which cause the corresponding infectious diseases and enhance the activity of the antibacterial immune response.

Form of issue and composition

Salmonella bacteriophage is available in several dosage forms. The solution is a lysate of salmonella bacteria (destroyed cells) with live bacteriophages and a preservative (quinazole). The solution is available in 100 ml vials. It is transparent and has a yellow color, does not contain impurities, sediment or flakes.

pharmachologic effect

Bacteriophages are specific viruses that can penetrate into bacterial cells, build into its genome and disrupt metabolism, leading to energy exhaustion. In this case, the cell collapses (lysis) and dies, new bacteriophages emerge from it, subsequently affecting new, sensitive Salmonella. Salmonella bacteriophage is able to infect bacteria of the genus Salmonella (salmonella) of groups A, B, C, D and E. The bacteriophage does not adversely affect bacteria of other species and does not alter the normal intestinal microflora (does not cause the development of intestinal dysbiosis). The presence of lysate (components of salmonella bacterial cells) in solution has a stimulating effect on the development of a specific antibacterial immune response.

After entering the body, the bacteriophage does not affect the cells of the human body. After reducing the amount of Salmonella, its amount also decreases. Then, its residues are absorbed by the cells of the body's immune system by macrophages and are destroyed.

Indications for use

The use of salmonella bacteriophage solution is indicated for different types of infection process caused by different salmonella of groups A, B, C, D and E:

  • Salmonellosis with acute course and characteristic clinical symptoms of small intestine lesions.
  • Chronic salmonellosis, the duration of which exceeds several months.
  • Bacteriocarrier - finding in the intestine of Salmonella, their reproduction in it and release into the environment without any clinical manifestations of the infectious process.

An important condition for the use of salmonella bacteriophage is the presence of sensitivity to it in bacteria.

Contraindications for use

There are no absolute contraindications to the use of salmonella bacteriophage. In the absence of sensitivity of salmonella to the bacteriophage, its use is not recommended, as there will be no therapeutic effect.

Dosing and Administration

Salmonella bacteriophage solution is taken orally (through the mouth). Before it is taken, the vial with the solution must be shaken. Usually the solution is taken 60 minutes before meals 3 times a day. Also, rectal administration of the drug (introduction into the rectum) is possible with the primary localization of the infectious process in the lower intestine with the development of symptoms of colitis. The recommended volume of the solution taken depends on the age of the patient:

  • Children under 6 months of age - 5 ml orally or 10 ml with rectal administration.
  • Children aged 6 to 12 months - 10-15 ml with internal admission or 20 ml with rectal administration.
  • Children aged 1-3 years - 15-20 ml orally or 20-30 ml in the case of rectal administration.
  • Age from 3 to 8 years - 20-30 ml with oral intake or 30-40 ml with rectal administration.
  • Children from 8 years and adults - 30-40 ml in case of oral administration or 50-60 ml with rectal administration.

The course of treatment with salmonella bacteriophage averages 7-10 days. To prevent the development of salmonellosis by epidemiological indications, the drug is taken 1 time a day at the appropriate age-related dosage.

Side effects

Cases of development of side effects after application of Salmonella bacteriophage have not been reported.

special instructions

The use of salmonella bacteriophage solution should be carried out with the obligatory account and performance of special instructions, which include:

  • The beginning of the course of therapy is possible after a laboratory study with the isolation of the Salmonella culture of the causative agents of the infectious disease and the determination of their sensitivity to the Salmonella bacteriophage.
  • Salmonella bacteriophage solution can be used in combination with antibiotics, since they do not affect the viability of the bacteriophage.
  • The drug can be used for pregnant and lactating women, children from birth under the medical supervision of the attending physician.
  • If there is a clouding of the solution, sediment or flakes in it, its use is prohibited.
  • The solution does not affect the concentration of human attention and the speed of its psychomotor reactions.

In the pharmacy network, the drug is released only if you have a doctor's prescription. Usually, this drug is delivered under the order directly to a medical hospital or other medical and preventive institution. The effectiveness of the use of the drug is possible only after an appropriate study, determining the type of causative agent of the infectious disease and its sensitivity to salmonella bacteriophage.


Cases or symptoms of an overdose of salmonella bacteriophage solution are unknown.


An analogue solution of salmonella bacteriophage are tablets that contain the corresponding bacteriophages in the dried state.

Terms and conditions of storage

A solution of a salmonella bacteriophage in an unopened state can be stored for 2 years from the moment of its manufacture. The main condition for its storage is the maintenance of the temperature regime in the range from +2 to + 8 ° C. It is permissible to exceed the temperature during transportation of the preparation (provided that it will not last more than one month). The place of storage of the drug should be inaccessible to children.

Bacteriophage salmonella price

Bacteriophage of salmonellosis groups A, B, C, D, E liquid solution for topical administration and oral administration, 100 ml bottle. - from 630 rubles.

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