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Avamis instructions for use

Avamis Spray Nasal Avamis is a spray for nasal use, which is used to treat rhinitis, mainly of an allergic nature.

Despite the fact that the main active substance in this drug is a fluorinated corticosteroid (hormonal substance), it does not enter the systemic circulation and has exclusively local action.

Active ingredient: micronized Fluticasone furoate.

Latin name: Avamis.

Form of issue

A nasal spray containing 30, 60 or 120 doses of the drug (27.5 μg / dose).

Mechanism of action

Under the influence of Fluticasone propionate in the mucous membrane of the nose, the concentration of biologically active substances (cytokines, immunoglobulins) decreases. This leads to a narrowing of the vessels, a decrease in swelling and secretion of the glands.


Fluticasone propionate has the effect of "first passage" through the liver and intestines, as a result of which the drug is rapidly inactivated. This determines the minimal systemic effect of the drug.

The molecules of Fluticasone propionate bind to plasma proteins by 99%.

Clearance is 58 liters / hour, with the route of excretion of the drug is mainly hepatic (chemical transformations occur with the participation of the biological substance cytochrome P450). Inactive metabolites are excreted from the body with fecal masses.

The total bioavailability of Awamis does not exceed 0.5%.

Indications for use

Symptomatic pharmacotherapy of allergic rhinitis, which occurs both symptomatically and throughout the year.

Dosing and Administration

The drug is used exclusively intranasally (ie injected into the nasal passages).

For children over the age of 12 and adults, the following scheme for the use of Avamis is recommended: 2 injections per nostril once during the day.

Children aged 6-11 years: 1 inhalation in each nasal passage once a day. If the effect of the application is not enough, then you can increase the dose to 2 injections per day, but after the development of a full-fledged clinical effect, they again switch to a single use of the drug.

In elderly patients, as well as with the phenomena of renal failure, correction of doses is not required.

With reduced liver function, the frequency of inhalation is determined by the attending physician after receiving biochemical analyzes.

The course of treatment is limited to the time of influence of the allergen on the patient's body. As a preventive tool to apply the drug is not advisable.

Proper use of the nasal spray: the bottle containing Avamis is in a plastic case, in the lower part of which there is an opening that allows you to control how much the drug is left. On one side is a valve, by pressing which the drug is sprayed.

Before using a new vial or if the drug has not been used for more than 1 month, the vial should be checked for damage. To do this, you should:

  • Without removing the cap, shake the bottle well (about 10 seconds).
  • Then remove the cap and, while holding the drug at some distance away from itself, check the operation of the spray by pressing the metering valve several times until a small cloud appears.

If the device functions fully, then it is possible to proceed with intranasal inhalations:

  • First of all, the nasal passages must be cleaned.
  • Then tilt the head slightly forward and insert the tip deep into the nasal passage. In this case, it should be directed not to the side in the nasal septum, but to the outer wall of the nose.
  • Start to take a slow deep breath, while pressing the valve to spray the drug.
  • The first exhalation after inhalation is done through the mouth.
  • Repeat the indicated inhalation sequence for another nostril.
  • Be sure to close the bottle tightly with a cap.
  • It is necessary to ensure that the drug does not get on the mucous membrane of the eyes. Otherwise, they must be rinsed with plenty of warm water.

Proper care of the nebulizer:

  • After each inhalation, the tip should be wiped dry with a soft soft cloth or tissue.
  • The tip of the tip can not be cleaned with sharp objects.
  • The protective cap must always be worn on the tip of the vial. Otherwise, the hole may become clogged with dust.

If the spray gun does not work:

  • First of all, you need to check through the special window the level of the remaining drug in the vial.
  • If the drug is sufficient, you should carefully inspect the nebulizer for damage, and also check that the tip is not clogged.
  • Try using the device again, as described above.

Time of onset of the effect: the initial effect from the application of Avamis develops 8 hours after the first inhalation. The maximum therapeutic effect is observed after 3-4 days of regular use of the spray.


  • Postponed allergic reactions to the active chemical.
  • Age is less than 6 years.
  • Prior therapy with ritonavir (this drug contributes to the manifestation of systemic effects of Fluticasone propionate).

Use during pregnancy

Under the prescription of the doctor, pregnant women and breast-busting women can use Avamis with caution in the minimum permissible doses.

Side effects

  • The development of ulcerative lesions on the mucosa of the nasal passages.
  • The occurrence of nasal bleeding (mild or moderate severity). Most often, this side effect occurs with prolonged use of the drug (more than 6 weeks).
  • Skin allergic reactions (pruritus, rash).
  • Allergic reactions of an immediate type ( Quincke's edema , development of anaphylactic shock).
  • Mental retardation in young children who have been inhaled for a long period with Avamisom. In this regard, if you need long-term therapy with this tool is recommended to regularly measure the growth of the child. In the case when the lagging begins to be recorded according to the indicated anthropometric index, the dose is either reduced to a minimally effective one, or the preparation is generally abolished.

Interaction with other drugs

Avamis can be combined with any medication, even with those that affect cytochrome P450, for example, ketoconazole. In the latter case, the elimination of Fluticasone propionate from the blood stream is somewhat slowed down, but this fact has no clinical significance.


In the experiment conducted on volunteers, even a multiple excess of the dose of the drug for three days did not lead to side effects.

Storage conditions

The drug should be stored at a temperature of at least 15 0 C in a shaded place. Unopened vial is suitable for three years from the date of manufacture. After first use, the drug retains its activity for only 2 months.

Analogues of Avamis

Beclomethasone, Tafen Nasal, Nasobek, Polidexa with Phenylephrine, Nazonex, Nazarel, Baconaz, Nasofan, Seroflo, Fliksonase, Flohal, Flutex, Flutisan

Price for Avaris

Avamis 27,5mkg / dose 120doz spray nasal - from 550 rubles.

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    To me from an allergy helps. My evaluation of the drug - a strong five.

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