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Arifon retard instructions for use

Arifon retard instructions for use

Arifon retard is a drug with a diuretic effect, which is accompanied by a decrease in blood pressure, and is prescribed for primary and secondary hypertension.

The composition of the drug includes indapamide - a substance that blocks the absorption of sodium ions by kidney cells. As a result, the release of sodium, chlorine, potassium and magnesium ions by the kidneys increases, diuresis (the amount of urine formed) occurs and a diuretic effect occurs.

Increased diuresis leads to a decrease in fluid accumulation in tissues and cavities, which significantly reduces peripheral edema and has an antihypertensive effect.

In the course of numerous studies by Arifon retard, scientists have demonstrated the following effects:

  • increase diuresis by inhibiting the reabsorption of sodium ions in the kidneys;
  • 24-hour antihypertensive effect;
  • improving the elastic properties of blood vessels, reducing resistance in the arterioles and peripheral vessels;
  • reduction of left ventricular hypertrophy of the heart muscle;
  • absence of influence on lipid metabolism (triglycerides, cholesterol, lipoprotein fractions);
  • absence of influence on carbohydrate metabolism, which is especially important in people with diabetes.

The drug is prescribed by a doctor and is dispensed from pharmacies only on prescription.

Form of issue

The dosage form is modified release tablets. They are round, convex on both sides, the color of the tablets is white. Above, the surface of the tablet is protected by a film sheath.


1 tablet contains:

  • indapamide - 1.5 mg.

The tablet contains auxiliary substances that ensure the stability of the form and action of the drug.

Indications for use

The only indication for the appointment of Arifon retard is:

  • primary arterial hypertension, which is a persistent increase in pressure, resulting from an individual inclination;
  • secondary arterial hypertension, which is the result of some kind of independent disease, which is most often associated with kidney pathology or endocrine disorders.


The drug is contraindicated:

  • when hypersensitivity reactions to the active ingredients or excipients included in the composition of the drug;
  • with a significant increase in the level of creatinine due to renal failure;
  • with hepatic failure, accompanied by a pronounced impairment of liver function and encephalopathy;
  • with a reduced content of potassium in the body;
  • with lactose intolerance and other diseases associated with this defect;
  • in pregnancy for the removal of physiological edema, since indapamide can cause fetoplacental ischemia and lead to impaired fetal development;
  • with breastfeeding, since the active substance is able to penetrate into the mother's milk;
  • up to 18 years due to lack of data.

How to take arifon retard

Arifon retard take 1 tablet a day. The reception is recommended in the morning. The tablet is swallowed whole, washed down with enough water.

An increase in the dose of the drug taken leads to an increase in the diuretic effect, but is not accompanied by an increase in the hypotonic effect.

Correction of dosage, in the absence of severe renal failure, in elderly people, as a rule, is not required. But careful monitoring of the level of creatinine is necessary.

Side effects

Side effects are dose-dependent and decrease with proper selection of the dosage of the drug:

  • in blood and lymph: a decrease in the number of platelets, leukocytes, agranutcytosis, anemia;
  • from the nervous system: asthenia, headache, dizziness, fainting is not excluded;
  • heart and blood vessels: arrhythmia, pronounced hypotension;
  • the digestive tract: vomiting, nausea, constipation, pancreatitis can rarely be observed;
  • kidney and urinary system: renal failure;
  • liver and gallbladder: a violation of the function, sometimes it is possible to develop encephalopathy;
  • skin and PZK: allergic reactions, the appearance of photosensitivity.

Drug Interactions

  • Arifon retard in combination with lithium preparations can cause an overdose of lithium as a result of a decrease in its excretion;
  • some antiarrhythmic drugs, neuroleptics, antibiotics can increase the risk of arrhythmia such as "pirouette";
  • non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can reduce the antihypertensive effect of indapamide;
  • with care it is necessary to use a combination of indapamide with ACE inhibitors, as the risk of a sharp fall in blood pressure and the development of acute heart failure increase;
  • preparations of steroids, amphotericin B, laxatives, stimulating intestinal motility, can lead in combination with indapamide to the development of hypokalemia or to reduce the hypotensive effect;
  • baclofen increases hypotensive effect;
  • the toxic effect of cardiac glycosides is enhanced by the development of hypokalemia;
  • complex therapy of the drug with other potassium-sparing diuretics requires careful monitoring of potassium levels;
  • metformin increases the risk of acidosis;
  • iodine-containing contrast agents increase renal failure;
  • antidepressants, neuroleptics increase the risk of severe hypotension;
  • calcium preparations can lead to the development of hypercalcemia;
  • Cyclosporine and tacrolimus increase the amount of creatinine.

special instructions

  • on the part of the liver, a violation of its function and the development of encephalopathy are possible;
  • with a tendency to allergic reactions and photosensitivity, it is necessary to protect the skin from the effects of sunlight;
  • when using the drug, it is possible to develop an electrolyte imbalance, decrease the amount of sodium and potassium ions, increase calcium, and therefore, it is necessary to monitor and correct the ion composition of blood plasma;
  • in patients with diabetes it is especially necessary to monitor the level of potassium in the blood;
  • possibly exacerbation of gout;
  • with existing renal failure, the patient's condition may worsen;
  • athletes receiving Arifon retard can give a positive result in the passage of doping control;
  • indapamide does not affect the central nervous system, but with the appearance of individual characteristics, it is possible to reduce psychomotor reactions.

Terms and conditions of storage

Shelf life is 2 years. After the expiration of this period, the use of the medicinal product is prohibited. Keep the tablets in a place inaccessible to children, with a temperature range not exceeding 30 degrees.

Analogues Arifon retard

Analogues of the domestic manufacturer:

  • Indapamide (ZiO-Health);
  • Indapamid of the MB Stade (MAKIZ-PHARMA);
  • Ionik retard (Obolensky - pharmaceutical company).

Analogues of foreign manufacturers:

  • Acutor-Sanovel (Sanovel Pharmaceutical Products Ind. Inc., Turkey);
  • Indapamid retard Teva (Merckle, Germany);
  • Lauras SR (Torrent Pharmaceuticals, India);
  • Retapres (J.Biopharm, India).

Price for Arifon retard

Arifon retard tablets with controlled release 1.5 mg, 30 pcs. - from 305 rubles.

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