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Arfazetin instructions for use

Arfazetin instructions for use

Means Arfazetin produced in the form of herbal, lowers blood glucose levels, is used to treat diabetes mellitus or type 2 diabetes.


Sold in cartons of 30 g, 50 g or 100 g.


Arfazetin has a powdery appearance, gray-green hue. The tool has a pleasant smell and sour taste with a slight bitterness.

This raw material has the following composition:

  • wild rose (fruit);
  • St. John's wort;
  • fruits of ordinary beans;
  • horsetail;
  • chamomile drug;
  • Eleutherococcus spiny;
  • blueberry ordinary.

The tool contains: coumarins, flavonoids, essential oils. Such useful components help to reduce blood sugar levels, increases the ability of the body to carry heavy carbohydrates, is a good support for the liver.

So, horsetail, removes toxins from the body, helps to restore the water-salt balance. Eleutherocum prickly improves visual acuity, helps to cope with stress, can delay the growth of tumors.

Bilberry ordinary is a dietary product, therefore it is considered indispensable for people with diabetes. In addition, it tends to reduce the level of sugar.

Fruits of beans also have the ability to reduce sugar. Positively affect the work of the kidneys, especially in renal diseases.

Chamomile is an antiseptic and acts as a light sedative on the central nervous system, which is necessary for any type of diabetes.

The use of plant materials

The main function of Arfazetin is the therapy of patients with mild to moderate insulin-dependent diabetes, as well as type 2.

Mild Diabetes

With this form, Arfazetin can be administered as an independent means. Experts noted the following: in compliance with a strict diet, the recommended physical exertion, the treatment with raw materials gave high therapeutic effects. In some cases, the patient was completely cured.

Diabetes type 2 moderate

In this case, the raw material is used as an additional means of treatment. Arfazetin is used in combination with other means to lower blood sugar.

Comprehensive treatment using arfazetina, helps reduce the need for insulin or other means to reduce sugar, which can act toughly in relation to the body.

In type 1 diabetes, the therapeutic effect of Arfazetin is absent.


Arfazetin vegetable raw materials . At 400 ml of boiling water take 2 tablespoons of raw materials, then heat in a water bath for about 20 minutes. The resulting tincture is filtered, squeezed and adjusted to 400-450 ml with boiled water. Before use, the infusion must be cooled to room temperature.

Adults, as well as children over 15 years old, take an infusion of 0.5 cups 3 times a day, 40 minutes before meals.

Children under 15 take 20 ml 3 times a day, 40 minutes before meals. The dose may be increased or decreased depending on the age of the child.

Arfazetin in packages . In a liter jar is placed 4-5 packages, pour 450-500 ml of boiling water and allow to brew for about 35 minutes.

Adults need to take 200 ml of infusion 2 times a day, 40-45 minutes before meals.

Children take from 2 tablespoons to 0.5 cups of liquid, depending on age.

These infusions can be stored in the refrigerator for no more than 48 hours, before use, mix thoroughly.

Arfazetin is recommended to take a course of 30 days, then take a break of 14 days and, if necessary, repeat the treatment.


Arfazetin is not recommended to be taken in the following cases:

  • allergic to any substance in the preparation;
  • acute gastritis , gastric or intestinal ulcer ;
  • inflammatory diseases of the kidneys;
  • chronic high blood pressure;
  • neurosis;
  • frequent insomnia.

Pregnancy and lactation

Like most other drugs, Arfazetin is able to cross the placenta. Since the effect of raw materials on the fetus has not been studied, before the course of treatment, you should consult with your doctor and establish the risk / benefit.

During lactation, it is recommended to abandon Arfazetina or transfer the child to artificial feeding. This tool can penetrate into breast milk. Possible risks or benefits for the child are not yet established.

Side effects

In some cases, Arfazetin may cause such side effects:

  • heartburn, especially in patients with high acidity;
  • nausea;
  • poor sleep or insomnia;
  • high blood pressure.

This plant raw material can be prescribed to all patients who are diagnosed with mild diabetes mellitus or type 2. It is also recommended to take those who do not have this diagnosis, but the sugar level is too high.

Reviews of herbal remedy Arfazetin

Patients and specialists note that Arfazetin lowers glucose levels gradually, and not dramatically, like other drugs. This effect has a positive effect on the body. As for side effects, they happened quite rarely and were insignificant, which did not require the withdrawal of funds.

The plus is the fact that the tool can also be used by young children. With the correct dosage, there were no side effects, the tincture was well tolerated.

Some patients noted a slight sleep disturbance, which passed after a while, so the cancellation of treatment was not required.

Nausea or increase in blood pressure at the dose indicated in the instructions were not observed.

Patients with mild diabetes reduce weight and sugar levels is not easy. It was noted that when taking arfazetina on the first day, the next morning the sugar level decreased to 0.5 units.

Raw materials are sold over the counter; however, before starting a course of treatment, it is better to consult with your doctor.

Shelf life

The shelf life of raw materials is not more than 3 years from the date of manufacture.

Store in a dry and dark place out of the reach of children.

Arfazetin price

Arfazetin raw chopped vegetable, bag of 75 g - from 11 rubles.

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