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Antistene CF instruction manual

Antistene CF instruction manual

Antistene MB is a preparation of antihypoxic and antioxidant action, which is prescribed for ischemic heart disease, various forms of angina and vestibular disorders. It enhances the energy metabolism of the heart, reduces myocardial damage in ischemia, reduces fluctuations in blood pressure, increases left ventricular contractility in ischemic dysfunction, beneficially affects neurons of the brain.

Numerous studies have shown that trimetazidine has such effects as:

  • maintenance of energy metabolism of the heart and nervous tissue in ischemia;
  • reduces the degree of intracellular decrease in PH and the negative effect of acidosis, developing with ischemia;
  • reduces the size of myocardial damage;
  • does not affect the indices of hemodynamics.

In persons suffering from angina pectoris, trimetazidine:

  • significantly slows the process of ischemia caused by physical stress, by increasing the coronary reserve;
  • reduces the possibility of fluctuations in blood pressure resulting from exercise, while not affecting the heart rate;
  • reduces the need to take drugs based on nitroglycerin and the frequency of angina attacks;
  • with a tendency to ischemic dysfunction, Antistain CF significantly improves left ventricular contractility.

Trimetazidine is recommended for use in patients with stable angina pectoris as a monopreparation, and as part of complex treatment of the disease, to enhance the antianginal effect.

The drug is prescribed by a doctor and is dispensed from pharmacies only on prescription.

Form of issue and composition

Antistene MB is manufactured in round biconvex tablets with modified release, covered with a pink coating. The number of tablets in a pack varies from 10 to 100 pieces, which can be in a cellular contour pack or a polymer container.

The active substance of the medicinal product is:

  • trimetazidine - 35 mg.

In addition, the composition includes auxiliary substances that ensure the integrity and shape of the tablet, a uniform release of the active substance.

Indications for use

Antistene MB is assigned:

  • with ischemic heart disease;
  • with angina pectoris;
  • in the complex treatment of ischemic cardiomyopathy;
  • with degenerative changes in the choroid of the eyes and occlusion of the vessels of the retina;
  • with dizziness, noise in the ears, development of hearing loss and other vestibular disorders;
  • with Meniere's disease.


The drug is contraindicated:

  • when hypersensitivity reactions to the active ingredients or excipients included in the composition of the drug;
  • Parkinson's disease, propensity to impellent disorders;
  • syndrome of restless legs, frequent tremor;
  • severe renal failure;
  • children under the age of 18;
  • pregnant women;
  • women with breastfeeding.

With caution, the drug is prescribed an elevated level of creatinine and in the elderly.

Dosing and Administration

Antistene MB is taken orally 1 tablet 2 times a day - in the morning and in the evening, during a meal. Exceed 70 mg per day (2 tablets) is not possible, since this is the maximum dosage. The course of treatment is appointed individually by a qualified specialist.

In elderly people older than 75 years, dosage, as a rule, does not require adjustment and is 70 mg per day, but care must be taken to monitor the condition of such patients.

In patients with renal failure, the daily dosage is 1 tablet, which is taken 1 time per day during breakfast.

Side effects

Antistene MB, as a rule, is very well tolerated, in some cases:

  • frequent side effects: abdominal pain, loose stools, nausea, vomiting and other dyspeptic disorders, asthenia, dizziness, headache, rashes on the skin, accompanied by itching and redness, may develop;
  • rare phenomena: a feeling of intense heartbeat, tachycardia , a sharp or pronounced decrease in blood pressure, hot flashes in the face;
  • negative effects, the frequency of which is not established according to the available data: constipation, parkinsonian symptoms, including shakiness, tremor and other motor disorders, eczematous pustulosis, Quincke's edema , hepatitis, agranulocytosis, and a decrease in the number of platelets in the blood.

special instructions

  • the drug is not used to stop angina attacks;
  • it does not apply to a prehospital or post-active period in the first few days;
  • under the influence of the drug parkinsonian symptoms can be amplified, and therefore, careful monitoring is required when using it in individuals with a tendency to this group of diseases;
  • with increased symptoms of movement disorders, neurologist consultation is required, drug cancellation may be required;
  • it is necessary to prescribe with caution the drug to persons suffering from renal dysfunction, as well as to elderly people over 75 years of age.

Terms and conditions of storage

Shelf life is 3 years. After the expiration of this period, the use of the medicinal product is prohibited. Keep the tablets in a place inaccessible to children, with a temperature range not exceeding 25 degrees. The drug should be protected from increased humidity and direct sunlight.

Analysts Antistain CF

There are a lot of drugs with a similar composition based on trimetazidine, which differ from the manufacturer. However, a similar formulation does not mean equal bioavailability and the same effect.

Domestic manufacturers:

  • Deprenorm MB (Canonfarma Production);
  • Triducard MV (Northern Star);
  • Trimectal MB (VERTEX);
  • Trimetazidine (ZiO-Health);
  • Trimetazidine MB (Ozone Pharm);
  • Trimetazidine-Biocom MB (Biocom).

Foreign producers:

  • Angiozil Retard (Replekpharm AD, Republic of Macedonia);
  • Predizin (Gedeon Richter, Romania, Hungary or Poland);
  • Preductal MB (Anpharm, Poland or Serdix LLC, Russia); Precard (Micro Labs, India);
  • Rimecor MB (Pharma Start, Ukraine);
  • Trimetazidine MV-Teva (Merckle, Germany);
  • Trimitar CF (Lekpharm, Republic of Belarus).

Prices for Antisthene MB

Antistene MV tablets prolonged action, film-coated 35 mg, 60 pcs. - from 423 rubles.

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