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Angiovit instructions for use

Angiovit instructions for use

Form of issue

Angiovitis is released in a contour squamous package, which contains 10 pcs. two-layer tablets of white color, coated. The cardboard box contains 6 such blisters. Some manufacturers package this product in cans made of polymer, and then also in cardboard boxes. Each bank contains a standard number of tablets - 60 pcs.


Each tablet contains:

  • cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12) - 6 mcg;
  • Folic acid (vitamin B9) - 5 mg;
  • pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6) - 4 mg;
  • glucose (is an additional component).

pharmachologic effect

This pharmaceutical product is a combination, it includes vitamins of group B. Angiovitis helps to reduce the level of homocysteine ​​in the blood and increase the metabolism of a substance such as methionine. Such an effect is achieved by activation of key enzymes for the re-methylation of mitionin and transsulfuration.

It would be superfluous to know that an increase in the concentration of homocysteine ​​in the blood is an important factor, due to the presence of which the following may develop:

  • diabetic angiopathy;
  • stroke of the brain;
  • myocardial infarction;
  • arterial thrombosis;
  • atherosclerosis.

During pregnancy, hyperhomocysteinemia can lead to the development of congenital pathologies of the fetus and chronic inability to endure pregnancy.

The appearance of the above pathologies leads to an inadequate amount in the body of vitamins B12, B6 and B12.

Reception of angiovitis allows to normalize the level of homocysteine. Accordingly, the course of such conditions as diabetic angiopathy, impaired blood circulation in the brain tissues, ischemia of the heart is much easier. Also, due to the administration of this complex drug, it is possible to arrest the progression of such pathologies as thrombosis and atherosclerosis.


The drug is used to prevent and treat many cardiovascular pathologies, namely:

  • diabetic lesion of the vascular system;
  • sclerotic disturbance of blood flow in the brain tissues;
  • ischemic stroke;
  • myocardial infarction;
  • angina pectoris;
  • ischemia of the heart.

Angiovitis is often prescribed to pregnant women in the presence of such a pathology as a disturbed exchange of blood masses between the fetus and the mother (fetoplacental blood circulation).


Individual intolerance to any ingredient included in the preparation.

Possible side effects

As a rule, angiovitis is well tolerated by the body. Especially it concerns the spring, summer and autumn periods of the year, when there is a lack of vitamins. In some cases, allergic manifestations of general or local nature may occur in the form of:

  • itching of the skin;
  • angioedema;
  • hives.

There may also be side effects such as general malaise, disturbed sleep and wakefulness, headaches and dizziness.

In rare cases, the following adverse reactions may occur:

  • eructation;
  • flatulence;
  • pain in the stomach;
  • bouts of nausea;
  • vomiting.


There were no cases of drug overdose. However, with uncontrolled intake of this vitamin complex, there may be signs of hypervitaminosis, which manifest themselves as:

  • thrombosis of small capillaries. This pathology can lead to the development of such a serious complication, as anaphylactic shock. However, this consequence can only occur if there is an excessive amount of vitamin B12 in the body;
  • muscle cramps. They are particularly distinct in the calf muscles. This symptom is typical for the presence of excessive amounts of vitamin B9 in the body;
  • partial numbness of various parts of the body and insignificant violation of coordination of hand movements. Such manifestations can appear with an excess of vitamin B6.

Dosage and administration

This vitamin complex is taken orally. It is very important not to damage the tablet shell during admission. That is, do not chew and grind it before use. Neglect of this recommendation can lead to the fact that the drug does not work on the body properly.

Angiovit is taken 1 tablet once a day, regardless of the time of eating. The drug should preferably be taken in the morning, washed down with a sufficient amount of still water.

Depending on the nature and severity of the course of this or that pathology, as well as the patient's condition, the course of taking Angiovitis may be from 20 days to 30 days. The question of the duration of the course of taking the drug can be solved only by the attending physician.

Some competent clinicians are inclined to believe that taking AngioVit is acceptable starting from two tablets per day, provided that the level of methionine and homocysteine ​​in the body is too high.

Reception of angiovitis during pregnancy and lactation

Despite the fact that the vitamin complex is perfectly absorbed by the body, it can be taken only during the period of pregnancy and lactation by the prescription of the treating doctor.

Specialists in the field of gynecology recommend the use of angiovitis during pregnancy planning. This drug is able to have a beneficial effect on the peripheral and central nervous system of the child. In addition, Angiovitis contributes to the proper development of the fetus and minimizes the risk of incorrect embryonic leaflet insertion.

Drug Interactions

Vitamin B12

Increase the risk of developing any allergic reactions, and also reduce the absorption of vitamin B12 following drugs:

  • koltsihin;
  • drugs that are aimed at eliminating manifestations of epilepsy;
  • potassium preparations;
  • salicylates;
  • aminoglycosides.

Vitamin B6

The effect of vitamin B6, contained in angiovitis, can be weakened by the intake of:

  • oral contraceptives containing estrogens;
  • cycloserine;
  • penicillamine;
  • isonicotin hydrazide.

Vitamin B6, taken together with levodopa, can weaken the effect of the latter. And taken simultaneously with diuretics, it can, on the contrary, strengthen their action.

Pyridoxine hydrochloride is well combined with such preparations:

  • asparkamom. In this case, the degree of resistance of the organism to the development of hypoxia increases;
  • glutamic acid;
  • cardiac glycosides. In this case, vitamin B6 promotes an increase in the synthesis of contractile proteins in the cardiac muscle-myocardium.

Vitamin B9

Due to the process of inhibition of dihydrofolate reductase, the action of folic acid decreases in combination with such preparations:

  • trimethoprim;
  • triamterene;
  • pyrimethamine;
  • methotrexate.

The processes of absorption of vitamin B9 significantly slow down if angiovitis is taken in combination with:

  • sulfonamines (including sulfasalazine);
  • colestyramine;
  • antacids (including those with magnesium and aluminum preparations).

Folic acid, taken with phenytoin, can reduce the effect of the latter.

The need for vitamin B9 increases the intake of angiovit with:

  • oral contraceptives;
  • estragens;
  • anticonvulsant drugs (including carbamazepine and phenytoin);
  • analgesics (with a long course of admission).

Leave conditions

Angiovitis is dispensed over-the-counter.

Storage conditions

This vitamin complex should be stored in a cool and inaccessible place for children. The optimum temperature regime is from + 15 ° C to + 25 ° C. Also, the drug should not be exposed to direct sunlight.

Analogues of vitamins Angiovitis

The preparation has no structural analogs in terms of the active substance. The composition of Angiovit contains a unique combination of vitamins.

Analogues on the pharmacological group: Unicap B, Foliber, Undevit, Stresstabs, Sana-Sol, Revitalize, Revit, Polybion, Pikovit, Pentovit, Neurotrate, Neuromultivitis, Neurogamma, Multi-Tabs, Multivita, Macrovite, Calcevitum, Kombilipen Tabs, Jungle, Hexavit , Vitasharm, Vitabeks, Vetoron, Beviplex, Aerovit, Alvitil.

Prices for Angiovitis

Angiovitis tablets, coated, 60 pcs. - from 209 rubles.

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Reviews about the drug Angiovit:

  • | Alexander Ermak | 15 October 2015

    By the age of 35, I still realized that I was overweight, the treating doctor said that I was predisposed to atherosclerosis, especially since I had already suffered a thrombosis before, and I might develop hypertension. I was prescribed an angiovitis, after regular admission, as well as regular sports, I began to note to myself that it makes me feel better, my stamina is increased. Perhaps, this is the best way to prevent cardiovascular diseases!

  • | Tomas | 25 November 2015

    My first pregnancy was unsuccessful. As the gynecologist said, the cause of the frozen pregnancy was chromosomal abnormalities of the fetus. The doctor advised me to take tests for homocysteine. It turned out he was not quite right,. To reduce homocysteine ​​was and appointed angiovitis. Drank a month for one pill 1 time a day, this, by the way, is very convenient. Recently handed over analyzes, not only homocysteine ​​decreased, but also cholesterol became less. But the doctor recommends continuing to drink angiovitis for prevention. I feel that my body is ready for a new pregnancy, this time successful, I hope so.

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