The Angina without temperature: symptoms, treatment. Can there be a sore throat without temperature?
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Angina without fever: symptoms, treatment

Sore throat without fever Angina is a disease accompanied by inflammation of the tonsils, which causes severe pain in the throat. One of the classic symptoms of this ailment is fever. However, it turns out that sometimes angina can occur at all without raising the body temperature.

Angina without temperature: how and why?

As a rule, sore throat can flow without temperature in the following cases:

  • The entry into the body of a relatively small number of viruses - most often this happens when there is a so-called catarrhal angina, characterized by superficial damage to the tonsils.
  • Reducing the body's defenses - in this case, most likely, a person will be ill very long, and, besides, he has a higher risk of all kinds of complications.

Especially the absence of temperature in the presence of all other characteristic signs of angina should disturb pregnant women, patients with HIV, cancer patients and other people whose immunity is for some reason weakened. They should immediately consult a doctor for the appropriate treatment.

In general, angina without fever is easy to take for an ordinary cold. In most cases, this is exactly what happens, but such a delusion is dangerous. Even the easiest of angina, catarrhal, needs competent treatment. Otherwise, the disease can take a more severe or chronic form, and also give many serious complications.

Symptoms of sore throat without fever

Everything, as in the case of any other angina, begins with a sore throat and the onset of pain. The examination reveals puffiness and redness of the tonsils, but there is no purulent deposit on them. Submandibular lymph nodes, as with other forms of angina, appear to be enlarged. In general, sore throat without temperature is accompanied by mildly expressed symptoms that do not cause severe torment. Therefore, often people make a common mistake - they are suffering a serious illness on their feet, and then they are struggling with complications.

Treatment of sore throat without fever

In the absence of temperature, it is not always possible to obtain a sick-list. Therefore, patients often have to work or study during treatment. Darker, it is important for such patients to slightly adjust their normal lifestyle by observing the following measures:

  • If bed rest is impossible, try to at least minimize physical exertion;
  • Do not overcool;
  • If possible, do not use public transport and do not visit places of mass congestion;
  • More rest;
  • Keep track of sufficient sleep duration;
  • It is a lot of to drink (the warm vitaminized drinks, such as compotes, fruit drinks, ginger tea, heated milk, etc.) will approach.

All this will reduce the burden on the body, save energy to fight the disease and reduce the risk of complications.

As for the local treatment, then with angina without temperature, sprays (Geksoral, Kameton, Stopangin, etc.), rinsing solutions (furacilin solution, saline solution, etc.) and special tablets for resorption (Strepsils, Sepptelet and others) .).

For oral administration, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are usually prescribed, for example, ibuprofen or aspirin. Sometimes it is shown and taking antibiotics (usually in cases where the causative agent of angina are bacteria).

Well, and, of course, in the absence of temperature, angina can and should be treated with inhalation. Couples of medicinal herbs or healing essential oils contribute to the rapid removal of puffiness from the tonsils, have a softening and healing effect, while removing the anguished symptoms of angina.

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