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Andante instruction manual

Andante instruction manual

Andante is a drug from a group of hypnotics.


The active ingredient is zaleplon substance. The drug is available in a dosage of 5 and 10 mg of 7 capsules in a package.

As auxiliary substances are: titanium dioxide, cellulose, magnesium stearate.

Pharmacological effect

Use of the Andante drug contributes to the use of sleeping pills, sedatives, and also minor anticonvulsant and muscle relaxant effects. The medicine helps to reduce the time of falling asleep and prolongs the duration of sleep.

Dosage, route of administration

The capsule must be taken orally before going to bed, not earlier than 2 hours after the last meal.

  • The recommended dosage for adults is 10 mg of the drug.
  • The recommended dosage for patients of older age groups is 5 mg. This is due to the greater sensitivity of the elderly to sleeping drugs.
  • The daily dosage for patients with a history of liver failure (light and moderate weight) is 5 mg. This is due to the delay in removing the drug from the patient's body.
  • In the case of the development of renal failure, there is no need to adjust the dosage.

The maximum daily dose of the drug is 10 mg. Patients who use the Andante should remember that re-taking the drug overnight and exceeding the recommended dose is not recommended.

The duration of Andante capsules should not exceed 14 days.

In the event that the patient takes the drug at a dosage of 5 mg or 10 mg for 14 days, the drug is not addictive and has the necessary therapeutic effect.

Self-medication with this medication is not recommended.

Addiction and dependence

If the drug is taken for more than 14 days or at a high dosage, there is a risk of developing addiction to the drug and reducing its therapeutic effect.

If the drug is used in a high dose for a long period of time, then the risk of developing psychological and physical dependence is increased. In this case, a sharp cancellation of capsules can cause such adverse reactions: headache and muscle pain, a state of heightened anxiety, stress, anxiety, irritability, confusion.

After the withdrawal of the drug, it is possible to develop such effects as insomnia (severe form), the development of anxiety, anxiety, mood disorders.


In the case of an overdose of the drug, no development of conditions threatening the patient's life was observed. This applies to cases where the drug was not used in conjunction with alcoholic beverages (ethanol), as well as in combination with drugs that have an inhibitory effect on the central nervous system.

Symptoms of overdose can be the following conditions: the development of drowsiness, confusion, lethargy. In severe cases, the risk of ataxia, breathing disorders, lowering blood pressure, coma increases. In case of overdose, immediately consult a doctor!

If the patient is conscious and has gone less than 1 hour from the time of taking the drug, vomiting should be immediately given.

If the patient is unconscious, then the stomach is washed and called "First Aid" as soon as possible. Additionally, one should monitor the state of respiratory and cardiac activity.

As an antidote, the flumazenil substance can be used.

Indications for use

The use of the drug is indicated in severe forms of sleep disorders and falling asleep, which provoke increased fatigue and reduced efficiency.


Use of the drug is contraindicated in case of development of severe renal and pulmonary insufficiency, with a syndrome of nocturnal apnea, with severe myasthenia.

The safety of the Andante drug in patients younger than 18 years of age has not been identified.

The drug is prescribed with extreme caution in the case of development of chronic alcoholism and drug dependence (including, in the anamnesis), with chronic pulmonary insufficiency, depressive states.

Side effects

Taking the drug may contribute to the development of side effects from:

  • Gastrointestinal tract: nausea, upset stomach, abdominal pain, vomiting.
  • Central nervous system: the development of weakness, headache, increased excitability, irritability, anxiety.

In some cases, taking capsules can trigger an allergic reaction.

Application during pregnancy

The use of the Andante drug in the period of carrying the child, as well as breastfeeding is contraindicated.

In the event that the drug is used by a woman of childbearing age, she must take into account the need to immediately consult a doctor if pregnancy occurs while taking this medication. From the planning of children at the time of taking capsules Andante should abstain.

When using the drug in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy, the risk of adverse effects on the fetus is increased. In newborns whose mothers used the drug during pregnancy, a physical dependence on the drug may be revealed. There is also a danger of withdrawal syndrome.

Interaction with other drugs

Andante can enter into a drug interaction with some groups of drugs.

Simultaneous reception with drugs from the group of opioid analgesics leads to the development of an euphoric state with the subsequent emergence of drug dependence.

Simultaneous use with rifampicin, carbamazepine and phenobarbital derivatives may lead to a decrease in the pharmacological effect of Andante.

Simultaneous use with drugs that contain ketoconazole and erythromycin may provoke an increase in the sedative effect of Andante. In this case, you may need to adjust the dose of the drug.

Andante does not affect the pharmacological effect of the drugs Warfarin and Digoxin. Reduction in dosage is not required in this case.

Interaction Andante with drugs that do not contain ibuprofen.

Influence on the management of transport mechanisms

The drug contributes to a sedative effect, so during treatment it is worth refraining from managing transport mechanisms, as well as performing work that requires increased concentration.

Additional recommendations

In the event that against the background of a short-term use of the Andante drug there is no noticeable improvement in the patient's health, it is necessary to conduct a second examination and, if necessary, change the treatment strategy.

Patients with lactose intolerance should take into account that this substance is part of the drug.

Taking the drug may contribute to the development of disorders of psychomotor reactions, which develop several hours after taking the capsule. For this reason, the Andante should be taken when the patient has the opportunity and conditions for continuous sleep for at least 4 hours after taking the capsule.

Taking the drug should be stopped immediately in case of increased aggressiveness, attacks of anxiety and anxiety, irritability, hallucinations. The patients of the older and younger age groups are most susceptible to such disorders.

During treatment with the drug, alcoholic beverages are strongly discouraged.

Andante can not act as the main component of the treatment of psychoses.

This drug is not recommended for use in the treatment of depressive conditions, since Andante can provoke suicide attempts. In patients with a history of depression, this medication is prescribed at the lowest effective dose (5 mg) over a short period of time. The medication should be administered under the constant supervision of the attending physician.


Storage of this medication should be carried out in a dark, dry place, protected from children and exposure to sunlight at a temperature of not more than 30 degrees.

Analogues Andante

The analogue of Andante is Zaleplon. If it is necessary to choose a replacement, it is recommended to seek medical advice from a doctor.

Price Andante

The cost of the Andante medication for the period August 2015 is as follows:

  • Capsules 5 mg, 7 pcs. - 140-160 rubles.
  • Capsules 10 mg, 7 pcs. - 420-440 rub.
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