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Anastrozole instructions for use

Anastrozole instructions for use

The agent belongs to the group of antitumor drugs. Anastrozole is considered a sex hormone antagonist and a selective non-steroidal aromatase inhibitor. Inhibits the synthesis of estrogens. When used in therapeutic doses, there is a significant decrease in the level of estradiol. Anastrozole is used in the therapy of estrogen-dependent tumors. After intake, the absorption of the drug reaches 85%. Parallel eating reduces this indicator, so eating food together with anastrozole is undesirable.

Form of issue and composition

The drug is produced in the usual tableted form. The number of tablets in the package is 28 or 56 pieces. The active substance is anastrozole in a dosage of 1 mg. In addition, the composition of the drug contains additional components: lactose monohydrate, povidone - K30, titanium dioxide, magnesium stearate, macrogol 6000, macrogol 4000, sodium carboxymethyl starch and hypromellose.

Indications for use

Anastrozole is prescribed in the presence of such diseases:

  • Early stages of breast cancer, which was detected in the postmenopausal period and the course of which depends on the effect of hormones;
  • Oncological diseases of the mammary glands during menopause;
  • No effect in the treatment of breast cancer with tamoxifen.


Anastrozole can not be used in the detection of hypersensitivity to it or other components in the composition. The agent is not prescribed during the pre-menopausal period and during treatment with tamoxifen. Strict contraindication is considered to be breastfeeding and the state of pregnancy. In addition, refraining from the therapy with anastrozole follows with renal failure, severe liver disease and while taking medications containing estrogens. Some restrictions apply to people who have a history of such diseases as osteoporosis, coronary heart disease and hypercholesterolemia.

Dosing and Administration

The recommended dosage is 1 tablet per day. The duration of the course can vary significantly. The drug is prescribed after a thorough examination of the patient, and its use requires periodic monitoring of blood indicators. If the drug is used in this dosage, then after 24 hours, a decrease in estradiol levels to 70% is observed. After 14 days, the decrease reaches 80%.

Side effects

Anastrozole can cause negative side effects. Cases of such complications were recorded:

  • Drowsiness and asthenic syndrome;
  • Sleep disorders in the form of insomnia;
  • Pain behind the sternum, accompanied by a state of anxiety and dryness in the oral cavity;
  • The emergence of various types of anemia;
  • Vomiting or persistent nausea with dizziness;
  • muscle pain;
  • Increased sweating;
  • The emergence of depressive manifestations;
  • A headache that is permanent;
  • Shifts in blood, leukopenia;
  • Influenza-like state;
  • Sinus or pharyngitis ;
  • A rash in the form of erythema;
  • Vaginal bleeding;
  • lack of appetite;
  • Impaired mobility of joints;
  • Unstable back pain;
  • Changing the appearance of the scalp on the head, alopecia;
  • Thrombophlebitis;
  • The occurrence of edema of different localization;
  • Hypercholesterolemia;
  • Thromboembolism;
  • Paresthesia;
  • Dyspnoea;
  • Sudden nasal congestion;
  • Increase in the level of AST and ALT. This complication occurs most often in the treatment of patients with metastasis in the liver;
  • Stevens-Johnson syndrome;
  • Itching of the whole body or parts of the body;
  • Increase in the parameters of alkaline phosphatase;
  • Increased blood pressure;
  • Disorders of the stool, which are manifested in the form of diarrhea or stable constipation, requiring the intake of laxatives;
  • Dryness in the vagina;
  • Fast weight gain.

special instructions

Anastrozole can not be administered alone. Its reception requires a thorough preliminary examination with the collection of anamnesis of the patient. A severe ban on the beginning of therapy is the suspicion of pregnancy. It is mandatory to conduct tests that confirm the condition of menopause. The occurrence of bleeding should be the reason for immediate contact with a doctor. It is proved that the agent helps to reduce the density of the musculoskeletal system. It should be remembered that the effectiveness of treatment with anastrozole is significantly reduced with the parallel use of drugs that contain estrogens. It is also impossible to have a joint reception with tamoxifen. There is no point in using Anastrozole for tumors that are not considered estrogen dependent. This therapy will be useless. Drowsiness, often associated with admission, requires a temporary failure to drive vehicles and work with increased concentration of attention. With the parallel administration of warfarin and anastrozole, no adverse effects were found, the anticoagulant activity rates were unchanged. Data on the joint administration of anastrozole and drugs - LHRH analogues does not exist. Information that the chemotherapy, carried out together with the reception of anastrozole, somehow affects the effectiveness of treatment, has not been confirmed.


There is no data on the exact dose of anastrozole, which can lead to life-threatening symptoms. Single cases of overdose were recorded. There is no specific antidote. When symptoms of an overdose appear, symptomatic treatment in the form of stimulation of vomiting is recommended, as well as laboratory monitoring of systemic indices. Dialysis is allowed.

Terms and conditions of storage

Anastrozole does not require specific storage conditions. Shelf life is 5 years. The product can be stored in the original packaging at a temperature that does not exceed 30 degrees Celsius.

Analogues of tablets Anastrozole

The list of drugs with the active substance Anastrozole is quite extensive. The most known and well-established are: Anastrozole - Teva, Aksastrol, Egistrazol, Mammozol, Vero - Anastrozole, Anabrez, Anastrozole Kabi, Selana, Anastrax and Anabrez.

The price of Anastrozole in pharmacies in Moscow

Anastrozole tablets, film-coated 1 mg, 28 pcs. - from 1050 rubles.

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