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Aktiferrin syrup: instructions for use

Aktiferrin syrup: instructions for use

The drug Aktiferrin is used to replenish the amount of iron in the body.

Composition and release form

This drug is available in the form of drops, capsules and syrup. In capsules, the active substances are serine and ferric sulfate monohydrate. Additional ingredients include rapeseed oil, lecithin, beeswax and soybean oil.

In the syrup, the active substance is the same serine and iron sulfate heptahydrate, additional: flavors - plum, raspberry, ascorbic acid, purified water, ethanol and invert sugar syrup. In drops, the composition is the same as in syrup, but potassium sorbate is added to the excipients.

pharmachologic effect

Iron is very important for the proper functioning of the body, it is part of the enzymes, hemoglobin, myoglobin, stimulates erythropoiesis, takes part in some redox reactions.

Serine contributes to the entry and more efficient absorption of iron into the bloodstream, which allows you to quickly normalize its level in the body. This drug contributes to a gradual decrease in laboratory and clinical signs of anemia, and also compensates for iron deficiency.

When taken orally, iron is rapidly and completely absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract into the systemic circulation. The higher the iron deficiency in the body, the better its absorption. Its maximum level in the blood is observed in 2-4 hours after taking the drug. It is excreted in sweat, feces and urine.

Indications and dosage

The drug is used for latent iron deficiency, which is caused by excessive loss of iron or increased need for it (pregnancy, lactation, malnutrition, certain therapy, the presence of peptic ulcer 12-pers or stomach, chronic gastritis , prevention after resection of the stomach), iron deficiency anemia .

Aktiferrin is used orally, during a meal or before. The determination of the maximum daily dose is carried out on the basis of the age and body weight of the patient, as well as the hemoglobin level indicator.

The use of syrup Actiferrin recommended from 2 years of age. Taking the medicine should be accompanied by a large amount of water.

For children aged 2-6 years, the average dose is ½ tsp, 2-3 times a day; at the age of 6 to 12 years - 1 teaspoon 2-3 p / day; 12 or more years - 1 teaspoon 3 times a day.

The treatment period is prescribed by a specialist, but often lasts for 1 month. After normalization of hemoglobin and serum iron, prophylactic treatment is carried out for 8 to 12 weeks.

Side effects

This medicine has some side effects:

  • Allergic manifestations - urticaria , pruritus, anaphylactic shock;
  • Pain in the teeth;
  • Flatulence, bitter taste in the mouth;
  • Diarrhea, constipation;
  • Decreased appetite;
  • Vomiting, nausea;
  • Encephalopathy;
  • Pain in the abdomen.

Special instructions for use

This drug is prescribed with caution to patients with diverticulitis, allergic diseases, Crohn's disease, renal and hepatic insufficiency, enteritis, rheumatoid arthritis, ulcerative colitis, bronchial asthma, as well as in chronic alcoholism.

In the form of syrup, the drug is carefully used for diabetics, since it contains a lot of glucose.

In order to avoid a decrease in the absorption of the drug, it is not washed down with milk, coffee or tea. Acceptance of raw cereals, eggs, solid food, bread and dairy products also reduces the absorption of Aktiferrin. The interval between the intake of such food and medicine should be at least 2-3 hours.

In order for the teeth to not appear bloom, you should take the syrup in a diluted form, after which it is desirable to brush your teeth.

Taking the medication causes staining of feces in black, which is a normal indicator.

Concurrently assigned to constant monitoring of hemoglobin and serum iron.


When taking a large amount of the drug may be the manifestation of such symptoms:

  • Pale skin;
  • Lowering blood pressure;
  • Fatigue and weakness;
  • Vomiting;
  • Hyperthermia;
  • Cramps ;
  • Paresthesia;
  • Diarrhea with blood;
  • Cyanosis;
  • Confusion;
  • Symptoms of hyperventilation;
  • Coma.

The manifestation of acute renal and hepatic necrosis occurs in 2-4 days; vascular collapse - 30 minutes after administration; coma, metabolic acidosis, coma, leukocytosis for 12 to 24 hours.

In case of overdose such treatment is carried out:

  • Gastric lavage, taking raw eggs or milk;
  • Parenteral or orally administered deferoxamine;
  • In acute poisoning, 5-10 g. Of deferoxamine dissolved in a large amount of drinking water is used;
  • For already absorbed iron, special therapy is given, prescribed by the doctor according to individual indicators;
  • In a state of shock, 1 g of the drug is administered for symptomatic therapy;
  • In some cases, the appointment of peritoneal dialysis.

Interaction with other drugs

Actiferrin absorption decreases when taken together with such drugs:

  • Calcium;
  • Preparations containing caffeine;
  • Medicines that reduce the acidity of the gastric juice (which include carbonates, oxalates, bicarbonates, cimetidine);
  • Tetracyclines, fluoroquinolones, penicillamine - recommended administration 2 hours before or after administration;
  • Ascorbic acid increases the absorption of iron in the body;
  • Ethanol increases the risk of developing toxic complications and increases iron absorption;
  • High dosages of Actiferrin reduce renal absorption of zinc preparations.

Drug storage

Actiferrin in the form of a syrup should be stored at temperatures up to 25 degrees. 2 years shelf life of the drug. After opening the medication, its storage should not exceed a period of more than 1 month. Such a drug is prescribed by a doctor and is available only by prescription.

Analogues of Aktiferrin

Structural analogues currently no.

Analogs with a similar action: Ferroplex, Totem, Sorbifer, Ferrum-lek, Ferlatum, Venofer, Maltofer, Heferol, Memorin, Fenuls etc.

Price for Aktiferrin syrup

Aktiferrin syrup, bottle 100 ml - from 219 rubles.

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