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Afloderm instructions for use

Afloderm instructions for use

The drug Afloderm is a remedy for external use based on glucocorticosteroid hormones. This tool has a more powerful anti-inflammatory effect, relieves puffiness and itching of the skin, improves the regeneration processes of damaged tissues, and has a pronounced anti-allergic effect.

Drug release form and composition

Afloderm is available in the form of a cream for external use and in the form of an ointment.

The cream Afloderm contains the main active ingredient - alkometazon dipropionate, as well as auxiliary components: purified water, white paraffin, forforic acid, sodium hydroxide, macrogol glyceryl stearate, cetostearyl alcohol. Cream Afloderm does not have any peculiar smell, has a uniform structure, white color.

Ointment Afloderm homogeneous consistency of white or yellowish, without any impurities or inclusions. The main active ingredient of the ointment is alkometazon dipropionate, as well as auxiliary components: beeswax, white soft paraffin, propylene glycol, hexylene glycol.

Both forms of the drug Afloderm are produced in aluminum tubes packed in a cardboard box.

Indications for use of the drug

The drug Afloderm according to the instructions prescribed to patients for the treatment and relief of the following skin conditions:

  • Wet eczema ;
  • Dermatitis - skin allergies to irritants, food (as part of complex therapy for relieving itching and redness of the skin), allergic dermatitis;
  • Allergy to sunburn;
  • Photo and phyto dermatitis;
  • Atopic dermatitis , neurodermatitis in the acute phase;
  • Allergic reactions to mosquito bites, bees, wasps and other insects as part of complex therapy;
  • Psoriasis in the complex treatment.

For the treatment of acute inflammatory processes of the skin and exacerbation of chronic dermatitis, the patient is most often prescribed Afloderm in the form of a cream. This form of the drug moisturizes well and nourishes dry, irritated skin, relieves itching and swelling, has a calming effect, quickly relieves the symptoms of an acute allergic process.

During the period of stable remission in order to prevent a negative reaction of the skin to sunbathing, herbal bloom, and contact with allergens, it is customary for patients to give Afloderm in the form of an ointment. The ointment slightly moisturizes dry and scaly skin, prevents the exacerbation of dermatitis, relieves itching from insect bites.

Contraindications to use

Like any other drug, Afloderm has a number of serious contraindications. These include:

  • Open skin wounds;
  • Trophic ulcers resulting from the progression of varicose veins;
  • Individual intolerance to the components of the drug;
  • Chickenpox;
  • Tuberculosis of the skin;
  • The presence of ulcers on the skin, rosacea;
  • Allergic skin reactions resulting from the introduction of vaccines;
  • Herpetic skin lesions and skin lesions by other viral infections.

Dosage and administration

The drug Afloderm is intended for outdoor use only! A cream or ointment is applied to the damaged areas of the skin (previously cleared of dust and dirt) with a thin layer. Rub the drug or massage the place of application is not necessary.

The dosage of the drug and the duration of therapy prescribed by the doctor, depending on the evidence and the severity of the allergic reaction or dermatitis. As a rule, ointment or cream is applied no more than 2-3 times a day, adolescents - no more than 1 time per day.

After the disappearance of traces of skin lesions, redness, itching and swelling, it is recommended to use the drug for another 1-2 days to prevent the resumption of the clinical picture. If the patient uses the drug Afloderm for more than 10 days, and the expected effect is not, then treatment with this tool should be stopped and again consult a doctor to clarify the correctness of the diagnosis.

Use of the drug during pregnancy and breastfeeding

According to research conducted by scientists, the teratogenic effect of the active ingredients of the drug Afloderm on the fetus has not been identified. Despite this, the use of ointment or cream in the period of carrying a child, especially in the first trimester, is not recommended. If absolutely necessary, Afloderm can be used to treat pregnant women in 2 and 3 trimesters, but only if the benefit to the expectant mother is much higher than the likely risks to the fetus. The drug should be used only for serious reasons and under the strict supervision of a gynecologist!

During the period of breastfeeding, the use of the drug afloderm is possible under the supervision of a specialist. In order to reduce the risk of side effects from glucocorticoids in infants, the drug is recommended to be applied to the skin after feeding. Nursing women should be especially careful to monitor the exact observance of the dosage of the drug!

Side effects

In most cases, Afloderm in the form of an ointment and cream is well tolerated by patients and only in isolated cases do side effects occur:

  • Burning skin in places of application;
  • Erythema and pruritus in the affected areas of the skin, where the drug fell;
  • Dry skin;
  • Hypopigmentation of the skin in places of application of the drug;
  • Atrophy of the skin (usually occurs with prolonged and uncontrolled use of the drug);
  • Striae;
  • The development of secondary infection.

If you experience these symptoms, treatment with the drug should be stopped and immediately consult a doctor.

special instructions

It is important to understand that the drug Afloderm contains hormones - biologically active substances that can be used for therapeutic purposes only as prescribed by a doctor. The uncontrolled use of this drug for the treatment of dermatitis or other skin damage is completely unacceptable.

Afloderm also can not be canceled sharply. When reducing the severity of the clinical symptoms of a skin disease, an ointment or cream is mixed in equal amounts with a baby cream. Thus, the daily dose of the cream will increase, and the dose of medication will decrease. Thus, the patient's adrenal glands will not experience stress due to the abrupt cancellation of glucocorticoids.

Use of the drug in pediatric practice

Afloderm is not used to treat children up to six months. In the future, the use of the drug is possible under the strict supervision of a physician and the minimum effective therapeutic dosage. Exceeding the prescribed dose of Afloderma in children can lead to the development of asthma!

Pharmacy sales and storage conditions

Afloderm drug is available in pharmacies without a prescription. The expiration date of the drug is indicated on the package; after it has expired, ointment and cream can no longer be used.

An open tube should be stored in a refrigerator or other cool place out of the reach of children.

Analogs Afloderma

The structural analogue of Afloderm is Alclomethasone.

Analogues of the pharmaceutical group: Latikort, Lokoid Krelo, Lokoid Lipokrem, Lokoid, Ftorokort, Fokort-Darnitsa.

Afloderm price

Afloderm ointment for external use of 0.05%, tube 20g. - from 343 rubles.

Afloderm ointment for external use 0.05%, tube 40g. - from 458 rubles.

Afloderm cream for external use 0.05%, tube 20g. - from 369 rubles.

Afloderm cream for external use 0.05%, tube 40g. - from 490 rub.

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