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Afala instruction manual

Afala instruction manual

Afal's tablets are a homeopathic drug used in medicine for the treatment and prevention of prostate diseases in men.

Release form, composition

The drug is available in the form of tablets of white or almost white color with a horizontal strip in the middle. On one of the sides of the tablet is the inscription “AFALA”.

The main active ingredient of this drug are purified antibodies to a prostate-specific antigen. Tablets are available in blisters of 20 pieces, packed in a cardboard box.

Pharmacological properties of the drug

Afal's tablets are designed to reduce the symptoms of the inflammatory process in the prostate gland in men and normalize its functioning. With regular use of tablets in patients, urine flow improves, daily diuresis is normalized, and urination disorders decrease.

Indications for use

The main indications for prescribing the drug Afal are the following states:

  • Benign prostate tumors in men 1 and 2 stages;
  • Treatment of acute and chronic inflammatory processes of the prostate gland as part of complex therapy;
  • Pain syndrome in inflammatory diseases of the prostate gland (in order to reduce it and the severity of inflammatory processes);
  • Dysfunction of urination due to pathological benign growth of prostate tissue;
  • Frequent and painful urge to empty the bladder;
  • Discomfort in the perineal region radiating to the urethra;
  • Difficult urination.

Contraindications to the use of the drug

Despite the fact that the composition of the homeopathic medicine Afala includes only natural ingredients, this drug has a number of contraindications. These include:

  • Malignant neoplasms of the prostate gland;
  • Necrotic changes in gland tissue requiring immediate surgical treatment;
  • Individual intolerance to the components of the drug.

Method of use of the drug and dosage

Afala tablets are intended for oral administration, that is, inside. At one time, it is recommended to use 2 tablets of the drug, which must be kept in the oral cavity until they are completely dissolved. The drug can not be taken during or immediately after a meal, as this significantly reduces its therapeutic effect. Doctors recommend taking the drug Afala for 1-2 hours before meals. Depending on the severity of the clinical symptoms of prostate pathology, the patient signs an individual effective dose and duration of the course of therapy, but in most cases the drug is prescribed to take 2 tablets twice a day, in the morning and evening. The duration of therapy for each patient is strictly individual, but, in general, should not exceed 4 months of continuous use. If the symptoms of the disease have not passed or made themselves felt with a new force, then the patient can undergo a repeated course of treatment with Afal tablets, but not earlier than 1 month after the end of the previous course.

If the pain syndrome and dysuric disorders are very pronounced, then in the first couple of weeks from the start of the course of therapy, the daily dose can be increased up to 4 times 2 tablets, that is, take 8 tablets per day. During this period, it is important to monitor the patient's condition and if any negative symptoms or side effects occur, the dose should be reduced.

Drug overdose

In most cases, the drug Afala is very well tolerated by patients and does not cause side effects; however, if the dosage specified in the instruction is excessively exceeded or if the medication is uncontrolled and prolonged, the following unpleasant symptoms may occur:

  • Nausea,
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea or constipation
  • Abdominal distention and gas formation,
  • Abdominal pain and other dyspeptic phenomena.

These symptoms are often caused not by the main active ingredient of the drug, but by its artificial fillers. With the abolition of treatment, all the unpleasant symptoms disappear on their own, without any medical assistance.

Despite the fact that this drug is well tolerated and has a minimum number of contraindications, it is necessary to take it only on prescription and at the same time carefully follow the dosage specified in the instructions.

Special instructions for use

The composition of the tablets Afala includes lactose, which should be considered when you need to prescribe the drug to patients with lactase deficiency or other pathological processes associated with a decrease in the absorption of glucose and galactose.

The drug should be prescribed with caution to patients who have had a history of allergic reactions to homeopathic medicines.

The interaction of the drug with other drugs

In medicine, there are no cases of drug interaction of the drug Afal with other drugs. With caution, this homeopathic remedy should be used together with other drugs in this group in order to reduce the risk of side effects in a patient.

Like any other drug, Afal's tablets are not recommended to be mixed with alcoholic beverages, as this may lead to the risk of side effects or aggravation of the clinical picture of the underlying disease of the prostate gland.

Conditions of storage of the drug and leave in pharmacies

Afal's tablets should be stored in a dry cool and protected from children place, avoiding contact with the drug in direct sunlight. The shelf life of this drug is 3 years from the date of manufacture indicated on the carton. The drug is strictly prohibited to be taken orally for the treatment of prostate diseases after the expiration date, as this can lead to severe allergic reactions up to the development of angioedema.

Pharmacies Afala pills are available without a prescription.

Afala analogs

At present, the drug Afala has no analogs for the active substance.

Analogs on the pharmaceutical group (agents for the treatment of prostatic hyperplasia): Avodart, Alfinal, Artezin, Viardo, Vitaprost, Vitaprost Forte, Gentos, Dalfaz, Depostat, Derinat, Doxazosin, Zerlon, Indigal, Ipertrofan, Kamiren, Kardram, Kornam, Zikron, Zikronos, Zerlon, Indigal, Ipertrofan, Kamiren, Kormunra, Zentron, Zentron, Zerlon, Indigal, Ipertrophan , Metov, Omnic, Omsulozin, Permikson, Polpressin, Proscar, Prostavern Urtika, Prostagut, Prostalamin, Prostamol Uno Prostaplant, Prostasan, Prosterid, Prostopin, raveron, Serpens, Setegis, Cialis, Sinestrol, Sonizin, Speman, Tadenan, Tamsulon, Tonokardin , Trianol, Tulosin, Pumpkin , Urorek, Finasta, Finasteride, Haytrin, Cernilton.

Afala price

Afala lozenges, 100 pcs. - from 262 rubles.

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