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Atsipol instructions for use

Atsipol instructions for use

The drug Atsipol is a probiotic designed to restore the intestinal microflora and raise the patient's immunity, reduced as a result of long-term treatment with antibiotics, frequent colds and other conditions.

Release form and composition of the drug

The drug Atsipol is available in capsule form in a protective shell in dark plastic bottles of 20 pieces each. The bottle is sealed in a cardboard box.

The composition of 1 capsule contains: live lactobacilli of several strains, polysaccharide of kefir fungus, bifidobactria.

Pharmacological properties of the drug

Capsules of Atsipol have a pronounced antimicrobial action against pathogenic intestinal microflora, which, multiplying, cause digestive disorders and infectious diseases.

The suppression of the growth of pathogenic bacteria in the intestine occurs due to the multiplication of lacto and bifidobacteria, which create unfavorable survival conditions for the pathogenic flora. By increasing the number of beneficial microbes in the intestine, the patient’s immunity and ability to withstand various viral and infectious diseases is increased.

Part of the capsule of the drug lactobacilli during reproduction change the pH level of the intestine, which causes growth inhibition for pathogenic pathological microorganisms.

When normal intestinal microflora is restored, the production and absorption of B, K vitamins and other biologically active substances is normalized. Against the background of the restored microflora, cholesterol and bilirubin levels normalize due to Acipol capsules in the blood. Regular use of the drug in therapeutic and prophylactic doses improves the digestive processes, relieves the patient from such unpleasant phenomena as nausea, belching, heartburn, intestinal swelling and increased gas formation, constant rumbling in the abdomen. Thanks to the lacto and bifidobacteria in the Atsipol capsule, the intestinal function is improved, the peristalsis is improved, which serves to prevent chronic constipation and rotting processes in the large intestine.

Indications for use of the drug

Capsules Atsipol prescribed to patients for the prevention and treatment of the following conditions:

  • Chronic constipation due to decreased intestinal motility;
  • As part of complex therapy for acute poisoning, accompanied by diarrhea;
  • Salmonellosis, dysentery, acute intestinal infections, as a result of which the patient's body is dehydrated, and together with the feces beneficial microorganisms are eliminated;
  • Enterocolitis with severe bowel function disorders;
  • Dysbacteriosis caused by long-term antibiotics;
  • Frequent infectious and viral infections;
  • Comprehensive treatment of allergic skin rash, atopic and contact dermatitis;
  • Monotonous poor nutrition.


Acipol capsules are not prescribed to patients with individual intolerance to the components of the drug or hypersensitivity to lactose.

Dosage and administration of the drug for children

The dosage of the drug and the duration of the course of therapy is determined by the doctor for each individual patient individually. It largely depends on the patient's age, body weight, diagnosis, and the severity of the disease.

Children over the age of 3 months are prescribed 1 capsule of the drug 2 times a day before feeding or during meals. Since babies often cannot swallow a capsule, it can be opened and the contents mixed in 1 teaspoon of warm boiled water.

For babies up to 3 months, it is recommended to take ½ of the contents of the capsule, having previously dissolved it in water.

Children over 3 years old are advised to take 1 capsule 3 times a day with meals or half an hour before meals.

In order to prevent the development of dysbacteriosis as a result of treatment with antibiotics or other drugs, a course of treatment with Atsipol for at least 2 weeks, 1 capsule 2 times a day is recommended.
The minimum course of therapy is at least 10 days, the maximum 1 month. If necessary, drug treatment can be repeated after 1 month according to the scheme indicated by your doctor.

Side effects and drug overdose

The drug is well tolerated even by the smallest patients. Cases of side effects or overdose capsules Atsipol in medicine is not registered.

Use of the drug during pregnancy and breastfeeding

The drug Atsipol can be used to treat and prevent the above conditions during pregnancy and lactation. During breastfeeding, the baby’s reaction should be monitored, since with frequent or prolonged use of probiotics, babies may develop an allergic skin rash.

special instructions

With simultaneous use of Atsipol capsules and dairy products to restore the intestinal microflora, the effect of the drug is enhanced.

It is not recommended to take probiotic capsules at the same time as antibiotics, since in this case drugs suppress the growth and reproduction of lacto and bifidobacteria and there will be no therapeutic effect from such treatment. Probiotics are recommended to take after the end of the course of treatment with antibiotics. During drug therapy of young children, if it is necessary to dilute the contents of the capsule with water, care should be taken that the fluid temperature does not exceed body temperature, otherwise it will lead to the death of beneficial bacteria and the lack of a therapeutic effect.

Conditions of storage and release of the drug

Capsules Acipol dispensed in pharmacies without a prescription. The drug should be stored in the refrigerator or other cold place where the temperature does not exceed 10 degrees Celsius. The shelf life of the capsules is 2 years from the date of the date of manufacture of the drug, which is indicated on the carton. Avoid direct sunlight on the bottle with capsules, as this can lead to the death of lactobacilli.

Atsipol analogues

Analogues with the same composition does not currently exist.

Analogs on the pharmacological group (means normalizing the intestinal microflora): Acilact tablets, Bactisubtil, Bifidumbacterin, Bifidumbacterin dry, Bifidumbacterin forte, Bifikol, Bifiliz, Bifiform, Goodluck, Lactofiltrum, Linex, Primadofilus, Try out to be applied by probimat, Probeculamine, Goodluck, Lactofiltrum, Linex.

Atsipol price

Atsipol capsules 10 million CFU, 30 pcs. - from 259 rubles.

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  • | Olga | September 20, 2015

    Treatment of a child with angina with antibiotics. At first there was diarrhea, then constipation - for 4 days I could not go. Atsipol helped. Not quickly, but gradually the chair returned to normal.

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