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A-cerumen: instructions for use


A-cerumen is a multifunctional pharmacological drug developed for topical use in order to clean the ear canal from excessive amounts of sulfur or to dissolve formed sulfur plugs. This tool is an alternative to surgical treatment of this pathology and can be successfully used in children.

International name: A-Cerumen

Release form

The drug is available in dropper bottles with a volume of 2 ml (5 pieces per pack), as well as a spray (280 doses).


TEA-coco-hydrolyzed collagen (20 g) - has cleansing properties;

Kokobetain (6 g) - moisturizes the skin of the ear canal;

PEG 120-methyl glucose dialata (1.5 g) - reduces the undesirable effects of other chemical components, provides "softness" of the drug.

Mechanism of action

Pharmacological components (surfactants) included in the preparation dissolve fats, due to which the ear plug is formed.

Indications for use

A-cerumen can be used for regular hygienic use or course treatment in such patients:

  • Persons who regularly use hearing aids, mobile phone headsets and other devices, the use of which involves a long stay in the external auditory canal;
  • Persons with increased formation of earwax;
  • Persons suffering from the frequent formation of sulfur plugs;
  • Persons involved in water sports;
  • Production workers who have been in dusty premises for a long time.

Mode of application

A-cerumen is used exclusively as ear drops. Any use of the drug inside is strictly prohibited.

The drug can be used in both adults and children from 2.5 years.

Before using the drug (to prevent dizziness), it is necessary to heat it to body temperature, tightly clamped in the palms. The use of household appliances for this is undesirable.

When using a dropper bottle, it is not advisable to insert the tip of the container deeply into the external auditory canal.

During the instillation of the A-cerumen, to ensure that the drug gets into the ear as deep as possible, you should tilt your head in a healthy direction and pull the auricle back and up. After using the drug, it is desirable to be in this position for at least 1 minute. After that, you need to tilt your head on the sore side and with a clean cloth to remove the resulting excess drug and sulfur residues.

It is not allowed to use one dropper bottle by different persons in order to avoid the transmission of infectious diseases.

As a hygienic and prophylactic drug, A-cerumen drug is applied twice a month, 1 ml to each ear (this dose is equivalent to ½ of a bottle).

For the treatment of sulfur plugs, the pharmacological drug is used at a dosage of 1 ml in each external auditory canal 2 times a day. After using A-cerumen, after 60-90 seconds, rinse the ears with boiled water or 0.9% sodium chloride solution. The duration of the drug use is determined by the ENT doctor individually.

After use, the tip of the dropper bottle should preferably be wiped with a dry, clean cloth.

When using the spray, you also need to tilt your head to the side (when processing the right ear - to the left side and vice versa) and make one injection.

The drug has no effect on the central nervous system, by virtue of which it is permissible to use it in driving and other work requiring high precision of movements and concentration of attention.

The time of onset of effect: under experimental conditions, the dissolution of the sulfuric plug begins after 3-4 minutes. In the study of volunteers, the maximum clinical effect was achieved on day 5.


  A-cerumen can not be used in case of hypersensitivity to the chemical components included in its composition, as well as:

  • With perforation (perforation) of the eardrum;
  • In the presence of an active inflammatory process in the external auditory canal;
  • Patients with a shunt in the eardrum;
  • Age of children under 2.5 years.

Use during pregnancy

A-cerumen is approved for use not only during pregnancy, but also during breastfeeding.

Interaction with other pharmacological agents

  Since the drug has only a local effect, the use of A-cerumene does not affect the metabolism of other tablet or injection drugs.

If the drug is used in combination otologic therapy, the time interval must be observed between the use of ear drops.

Side effects

They are registered extremely rarely. If the patient is sensitive to any component of the A-cerumen, redness, rash, pain or itching may occur in the external auditory canal.


To date, such cases are not described.

Storage conditions

A-cerumen must be stored for 3 years from the date of manufacture, and the ambient temperature should not exceed +30 0 С.

After opening the cap of the dropper bottle, it can be stored for no more than 1 day.


Laboratory Gilbert (France).


Remo-Vaks, Audi-spray, Audi-baby, Cerumex.

Analogs by code ATC level 4:

Otipaks, Otinum

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